Daring Woman

New eco-conscious fashion brand Madison / Savile, set to launch in March 2021 with its luxury suits for women, is revolutionizing the blazer industry by prioritizing comfort without sacrificing on style or luxury.

Uncover LA

You can bet that the Madam Vice President age is ushering in a new era of pantsuit-powered style. Here to outfit future CEOs (or anyone in need of a better blazer) is Madison/Savile, a new Los Angeles label that's blending London's renowned tailoring with office-ready suiting.

Thrive Global

Resilience and perseverance: Resilience and perseverance have allowed me to face the many challenges life has thrown my way; including moving out at seventeen and putting myself through college. The next big phase for me was taking that leap from the corporate world to become an entrepreneur and launching a company that I’m truly passionate about.

Create & Cultivate

This month we caught up with Diana Nguyen, a senior finance manager turned fashion designer who quit her job at Microsoft to launch her own workwear label, Madison / Savile.

Quotable Media Co.

Madison / Savile is reinventing the blazer with modern styles better fitted to a woman’s body. With an intention to inspire women by armoring them from the outside and building them up from the inside, Diana Nguyen’s new company is setting us all up to dress for success.