reinventing, redesigning, & modernizing 

a woman's blazer.




At Madison / Savile we stand for the moms, wives, sisters, daughters, and career women… you are the badasses and at Madison / Savile we create blazers just as versatile as you are.

We know that the blazers designed for women today can be ill fitting and uninspiring. We designed a blazer that meets your needs both fashionably and functionally. We enhance and nurture your dynamic lifestyle with functional blazers that accentuate your body and support the demand of your professional lifestyle. Our designs allow you to transition effortlessly from day to night without sacrificing your comfort or sense of style.

Our purpose and intention for Madison / Savile is to inspire women by armoring them from the outside and building them up from the inside. We weave inspiration throughout your blazer with powerful messages sewn into the trim. We are here to support you in your journey and empower your personal mission, to help you realize your gifts and allow your inner beauty to flourish.

We are so much more than a fashion company; we are a brand that inspires community and empowers women to empower other women. We are here to create the Madison’s of the world by awakening your true power and purpose to live up to your full potential, to realize your gifts and together become the power grid of the world.



Meet Our Founder
Diana Nguyen

Founder & CEO

I quit my corporate job two years ago because I truly believe there is a gap in the market for women’s blazers that look good and fit well. During my 15 years in finance I watched countless women struggle looking for the right blazer, including myself. I loved seeing celebrities in suits looking so sharp and so stylish. Especially watching James Bond movies, I admired how powerful, and well-dressed James Bond looked in his suits. I wanted the same for us without having to pay thousands of dollars for it.

I chose the name Madison / Savile because this company has two meanings for me. Madison means Gift of God & Warrior and Savile is for Savile Row in London known for its craftmanship of suits. Besides wanting to create the perfect blazer for women, I felt that my purpose using blazers as a platform, is to make an impact and inspire women to be their best self, her true self. A great blazer can only go so far, the true beauty comes from within.

My purpose, my intention for Madison / Savile is to inspire women by armoring them from the outside and building them up from the inside. Driven by the belief I have in women who are following their dreams and achieving success, I created Madison / Savile as more than just a fashion brand, it’s a lifestyle brand with a purpose to inspire, to help each woman realize their gifts and to let her light shine. Women cannot empower other women without knowing each other’s story. #madisonsavileinspired

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