Finance to Fashion Part II: Taking the Leap – Building my Wings

After realizing that Madison / Savile is my purpose and calling, it was a journey for me to finally jump. Discovering your passion is one thing, taking the leap is another.

I’ve worked in such a risk averse role for so long, COMPLIANCE, that jumping and being an entrepreneur was on the complete opposite end of the risk map!

Reflecting, 2017 was about learning, and 2018 was about doing.

Call it taking calculated risks or building a foundation, I took a fashion accelerator program and classes at the NY Fashion Academy while I was still at Microsoft. I incorporated what at the time was called SUITED and recruited a small team. Then I lost the name SUITED and my team dissolved.

Time is Money 

I felt like I was running through a maze with no exit, hiking up a mountain of ashes, taking one step up and sliding two steps back. I was trying to launch a fashion brand while working a full-time job at Microsoft.

I was too tired each night to be creative let alone move the needle as fast and as far as I wanted. It became a gnawing feeling that each day that I was at Microsoft I could be working on bringing this brand to life.

Timing is everything and time was slipping away from me.  I would be so furious with myself if I let an opportunity with the right timing go by just because I was too comfortable in my safety net.

It was hard to let go of the career I’ve built up with the title, salary and lifestyle that I have achieved. It’s like starting college all over again. Going back on a college budget, bootstrapping, lots and lots of learning, stepping into a whole new world, the world of entrepreneurship.

What is money anyway? Now, today, tomorrow? It’s all temporary.

The money and resources we have is for us to use to fulfill our purpose on this earth, a purpose for the greater good. This is how I knew it was truly my purpose, calling and passion.

I was willing to spend everything I have to bring this to life.

Let Your Light Shine

It’s that knowing that God has given you this gift; this calling to bring it to the world and it would be a disservice to all if that gift is not brought to life to shine on the world.

It was time to honor my inner child, my inner self and future, taking that money I saved in my piggy bank to pursue my dream. I began listening to that little girl that I have ignored for so long.


In order to change, you have to make the choice to change.

Big change = big decisions.


I’m taking the red pill!

And then I told my parents.

Taking that Leap

My mom thought I lost my mind.  When I told her I was quitting my job to start a fashion company, her Buddhist side came out and said “We should go find a fortune teller and see what is going on with you. What about the benefits?!?!”

Her oldest child.

No boyfriend or husband at the time.

Quitting a good, high paying job with amazing benefits.

Starting a fashion company.  No income.  No benefits.

Oh, and I decided to freeze my eggs before leaving Microsoft.

My poor mother…

Fast forward 6 months, after going through 2 cycles of egg freezing – hello hormones! I finally made the decision to jump and live the life I was meant to live all while on a soul-searching road trip with a dear friend.

After 15 years in the corporate world, I officially quit my job on July 11, 2018 to take that leap and build my wings on the way down, one feather at a time.


Thank you to all my friends and former coworkers for all the encouragement and support to close this corporate chapter of my life.

I received text messages each day and every week leading up to my last day at Microsoft at the right time every time because God knows.  He saw my doubts and fears and nudged the right people to send me words of encouragement that I can do this, that it was time.

I remember one night I sat there crying as I stared at my screen after calculating how much funding is required and thinking how am I going to do this?

I then I randomly received a text with the words of “Things are changing and moving without delay.” He knew and there was my sign.

I am blessed and thankful for this new beginning.

Here is part of the farewell email I left my colleagues with on my last day:

I’ll leave you with a quote I live by…

As I jump into this….

But it’s now or always wondering…

And I leave you with this quote, until next time…

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar

A bittersweet ending to a new beginning.

This is my journey and I hope you join me in this new chapter to build something great together.